- 2018 Event Rules -

Berks Classic (2018) Tournament Rules


1. Age and Eligibility – Participation in the tournament is open to accepted teams composed of ten (10) players for U8, twelve (12) players for ages U9, U10, sixteen (16) U11 & U12, eighteen (18) players are allowed on a U13 roster, or fewer players meeting the age limit of the specified division. Players must have been born during, or subsequent to, the divisional year. Each team must be affiliated with the USYSA/USSF and must present a valid roster. The valid roster must be present at the field for the duration of the tournament.

Age groups for the teams are as follows and the guidelines for age cut-off will follow USYSA policy.

    Under 8 Boys and Girls

    Under 9 Boys and Girls

    Under 10 Boys and Girls

    Under 11 Boys and Girls

    Under 12 Boys and Girls

    Under 14 Boys and Girls

  1.             Rosters – Limited to 10 players for U8. 12 players for U-9, U-10. 16 players for U-11 and U-12.   18 players for U13 & above. Teams are allowed a maximum of 4 guest players.  A guest player is defined as a player who is not registered PRIMARY with the team that is entering the tournament.  Secondary players on your official EPYSA roster ARE considered guest players.  Players who exclusively play for a Premier team and not registered secondary on your roster are not allowed as guest players.  We will also accept an informal roster.  An individual player may only play for one team throughout this tournament.


  1.             CHECK-IN:  The Head Coach or Team Manager MUST CHECK IN at least 1 hour prior to their first scheduled game at the registration pavilion or risk FORFEITING the games prior to checking in.  Players do not need to be present.


    COPY of official stamped EPYSA roster(s) and or informal roster.  Write in guest players & ALL jersey numbers.  Make sure you bring a copy we can keep on file.  We will need this for insurance reasons.

    Player Passes including guest players will be checked and matched with your roster

    Medical release forms and copy of the player birth certificate unless they have a player pass.  All players with a player pass will not need to include medical release waiver or copy of birth certificate.

    Medical release forms, birth certificates and or player passes must be in the coach’s possession during all games.

  1.             FORMAT:  Each team is guaranteed at least 3 games.  Games will consist of 2 (two) 20 (twenty) minute halves for U-8 playing 6v6. 2(two) 25 (twenty five) minute halves with a 5 (five) minute half time for U-9, U-10 playing 7v7. 2 (two) 25 (twenty five) minute halves with a 5 (five) minutes half time for U-11, U12 playing 9v9 and U13  and above will play 2 (two) 30 (thirty) minute halves with a 5 (five) minute half time playing 11v11.  Teams must be ready to start games on time and field availability for warm-up is not guaranteed. It’s not necessary to present team rosters or player passes to the referee before the start of each game.  Individual awards will be given to the top two teams in each division.


  1.             RULES OF PLAY:  All games will be played in accordance with the F.I.F.A. Laws of the Game.  All RBJSL rules also apply with the exception of game duration, overtime periods and substitution.  All referee decisions on the field will stand.  The Tournament Committee will interpret implementation of the rules and all decisions will be final.


  1.             SUBSTITUTIONS:  Unlimited substitutions may be made with the referee’s permission after a goal has been scored, at the beginning of the second half, at a goal kick by either team and at a throw-in by BOTH teams provided that the team with possession is substituting.


  1.             PROTESTS: There will be no protests.  The Referees decision on the field is final.


  1.             GAME BALLS:  Game balls will be provided by the tournament and shall remain on the field after each game.  U-8 play with a size 3.  U-9 through U-12 age groups plays with size 4.  U-13 and above play size 5.


  1.             UNIFORMS:  When there is a conflict in uniform colors the home team, listed first on the schedule, will be asked to change jersey colors.  All players’ jerseys must be numbered.


  1.            GAME PROCEDURES:  Each team must be prepared to enter the field promptly at the appointed time or risk forfeiture.  No grace period is available.  Minimum number of players to avoid forfeiture is 7 for all age groups.  A team must start competition at the appointed time if 7 or more players are present.  


11.PATCH EXCHANGE: This is a patch exchange tournament.


  1.            SCORE REPORTING:  At the conclusion of each game, the referee will verify the game report information and have both coaches sign the scorecard.  Each team’s coach is responsible to verify the final score and indicate their consent by signing the scorecard.  If there are any questions to the accuracy of the score posted on the scorecard, it should be resolved immediately on the field with the referee and the two coaches.  Once the scorecard is signed by both coaches and handed to the field marshal, the score is final.


  1.            DETERMINING DIVISION STANDINGS:  Standings will be determined by the total number of points accumulated.

    THREE (3) points will be awarded for a win in relegation or the golden goal overtime

    ONE (1) point for a tie

    ONE BONUS (1) point will be awarded for a scoreless tie (0-0) is excluded

    ZERO (0) points for a loss


  1.            DIVISIONS: Certain teams will play in a 4 or 5 team round robin format while others will play in a 6+ team pool play with semi-final and championship games.  All games played in Round Robin divisions (4 & 5 team divisions) can end in a tie and division winners will be determined by the point system and not a championship or semi-final game.


  1.            TIE- BREAKER: If two teams have an equal number of points, the order of finish will be decided as follows:

1.Head-to-Head competition in games between the two teams

2.Goals Against

3.Most Wins

4.Most Shutouts

5.Goal Differential (5)

6.Penalty Shootout

If 3 teams have an equal number of points, the first tiebreaker will be discarded


  1.            TIE GAMES: In the event of a tie at the end of regulation of quarter, semi and final games, (1) Seven Minute regulation overtime period will be played in full. NO overtime will be played in regular tournament games.


If no winner is awarded, then a Seven Minute “Golden Goal” overtime period will be played with the winner being the first team who scores.  After a two (2) minute rest period the rules are as follows:

    First period begins with no goalkeeper,  5 v 5 for U-8, U-9 to U12, 7 v 7 for U-13 and older

    To begin the overtime period, the coach may only select from those players who were on the field at the end of regulation.  No substitutions allowed.

    The team who kicked off at the start of the game will kick off to start overtime.  The opposing team will choose their direction of attack

    Teams will switch directions and remove 1 player after each 7 minute period

    Teams will alternate kick-offs at the beginning of each new period

    No substitutions are allowed throughout the overtime periods.

    A position player may be designated to use their hands only in the event of penalty kick.

    Modified off-sides rule applies (one player between attacker and goal)

    For PRELIMINARY and/or ROUND ROBIN GAMES:  Only ONE 7 minute regulation overtime period will be played.  If there is no scoring at the end of this period then the game will end in a tie.

    For CONSOLATION, SEMI-FINAL and CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES where a winner must be decided, multiple 7 minute “Golden Goal” overtime periods are played until one team scores.


  1.            PLAYER, COACH, and SPECTATOR BEHAVIOR:  All players, coaches, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the spirit as well as the letter of the Laws of the Game.  Referees have been specifically instructed to run the matches according to this spirit and will act accordingly.  DISSENT FROM PLAYERS, COACHES, OR SPECTATORS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  CAUTIONS AND/OR DISMISSALS WILL RESULT.  Players are encouraged to play all games with intensity and desire.  However, UNNECESSARY PHYSICAL PLAY, PARTICULARLY THAT WITH INTENT TO

INJURE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  CAUTIONS AND/OR DISMISSALS WILL RESULT.  Coaches are responsible for the actions of the team’s players, parents, and spectators as well as their own actions.  If a player receives two yellow cards in one game or a red card, the player is ejected from that game and must sit out the following game.  No substitution is permitted for a player ejected from the field.  Any ejected coach must leave the field and surrounding area immediately.


  1.            Fair Play Rule: In the event a team gains a (5) goal lead over an opponent, they must remove a player from the field of play.  That removed player cannot return to the game unless the opposing team gets within 2 goals.  If a team would increase their lead to (7) goals (already playing a man down) an additional player shall be removed from the field.


  1.            REFUNDS/CANCELLATION POLICY –  The following refund and cancellation policy shall be in effect:
  2.    Should the tournament, a site or a division, be cancelled prior to the start of the tournament due to weather, other force-majeure concerns or reasons beyond the control of the tournament committee, each affected team will receive a refund less $75 administration fee.  No other refunds will be issued.
  3.    Should the tournament be cancelled due to weather, other force-majeure concerns or reasons beyond the control of the tournament committee, after the first game as started, no refund will be issued.
  4.    The determination of force-majeure as well as field(s) being playable will be made solely by GMSC and/or its designees.