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Thank you to all that joined us this past year to continue the great sport of soccer.  As the club continues to grow in many new directions our focus remains on the core mission which is providing the Mifflin Community a spectacular soccer program full of opportunities to grow and develop those awesome soccer skills.  This past season marked 42 years of serving the Mifflin and surrounding communities.


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Open Board Positions

⚽️  Open GMSC Board Positions  ⚽️

If you would like to be involved in the day to day functions of the Governor Mifflin Soccer Club and be willing to volunteer your time for the children of the community, here's your chance.  Please contact our President, Chris Miller if interested.


Open Positions Available:

Secretary/Parent Representative
Boys Travel Coordinator
Girls Travel Coordinator
Equipment Manager
Field Representaive Assistant




⚽️ Fundraising and Sponsorship 🚩

As an organization devoted to the community and the sport of soccer it is always the intention to deliver the highest quality programs to all who participate. No matter what skill set, recreational soccer, youth league soccer or high competition there is something for everyone! To make this all possible it takes many hours, many dedicated volunteers and much more.  As exciting as playing soccer is and can be there is alot of "behind the scenes" work that takes place all year round. Work that includes the league registration process, field maintenance, equipment maintenance, and more. As with any organization there are expenses associated with the operations which include land lease, equipment, insurance, maintenance, membership fees, league fees, field fees, line paint, communications and much more. Fund-raising and sponsorships help substantially to offset the fees required to operate the GMSC programs, without the fund-raising: equipment, training programs, season weekly lining and more would be substanitally different process. The participation not only supports a player, a team or a season but the longevity of the organization. We thank you all for supporting the mission of the organization through your fundraising and sponsorship efforts!

Our clubs ultimate mission is to see that the community is provided a quality youth soccer program. So please, take a moment to support the organization through fund-raising or if you have an alternative means to support the organization contact our fundraising/sponsorship coordinator.

Your help and support is Greatly Appreciated!
Thank You!
GMSC Board of Directors

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coaches evaluations

Fall 2018 Evaluations of Coaching Staff

One of the many responsibilities of the Governor Mifflin Soccer Club is to provide our children with the best coaching possible. We strive to find and retain coaches who understand their players, the environment and those who are qualified to teach the game of soccer.  Please help us assess the abilities of those who coached your children by filling out this evaluation form.  The feedback we receive will help us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our coaches within the organization and help us build a better experience for all.  Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback.

Click Here - Evaluations of GMSC Coaches



Field Conditions - Closed Until the Spring


November 15th, 2018

Level 1 - Fields are CLOSED.

Level 2 - Fields are CLOSED.

  • When the fields are still wet, try your best to keep practices to the driest areas and rotate spots to minimize field damage.  Use caution and practice lightly until the field conditions improve.

Any updates will be reported on this page.  Thanks GMSC

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